Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy relates to the website, and the services provided by:

NetPlates Ltd.

Unit E,

Swallows Ind Est,

267 Cranmore Blvd,

Shirley, Solihull,

B90 4QT

We at NetPlates have the utmost respect for your privacy, and we understand that our ability to operate in a dependable, considerate manner is essential to your confidence in our brand.

We adhere strictly to the framework set out by the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation - UK GDPR. We take great care to minimise our collection of personal data. Equally, we ensure that the data we do collect is handled safely, appropriately and lawfully, and we place great importance on being wholly transparent about how we handle your personally identifiable information.

During our operations, we gather, store, and process personal data relating to our customers, suppliers, and other third parties, potentially including visitors to this website.

For data-processing under UK GDPR, we use the following lawful bases:

Your consent. This will normally apply in cases where you deliberately provide us with personal data to facilitate communication, a service or a transaction. Consent would also be our basis for holding data for marketing purposes. If we are processing your personal data on the basis of consent, and there is no vital business interest, law or mandate which requires us to retain your data, you will have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. In the event that it is possible for you to withdraw your consent, doing so would result in the deletion of your personal data from our systems. If you wish to request the deletion of your personal data, please contact us via our contact page.

Compliance. In some circumstances we will need to hold or submit personal data to comply with the law. This can apply if a law, or a party with clearly demonstrable legal authority, explicitly requires us to retain or provide them with personal data.  It can also apply in instances where a holding a piece of data is essential to a fraud-prevention process. If we are required to retain your personal data, we will only do so for as long as is strictly necessary. 

Our legitimate business interests. This can apply in various circumstances. We may, for instance, need to let you know about changes to the way we operate, for which we would require your contact details. The basis of legitimate business interests can also apply when one or more third parties who are necessarily involved in the running of our operations, must in some way handle or encounter your personal data. For example, a payment processor would need to know who is making a payment in order to facilitate the transaction. The provider of an external systems support service may encounter your personal data when managing the systems. We are meticulous in vetting our external providers, and we will ensure that they are only able to access data that they absolutely need.

At maximum, the details we ask you to provide to us comprise the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Vehicle Details
  • Your Vehicle Documentation Details
  • Credit/Debit Card Details

When you use our services, there is certain personal information that we are legally required to collect. You may opt not to provide us with our required personal information, but it may not be possible for us to offer our services in this event.

We make every effort to ensure that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. If you have reason to believe that this is not the case, please let us know at the earliest opportunity, via our contact page.

As is standard on commercial websites, our site uses respected third-party services to facilitate its operation, to optimise your visitor experience, and to provide us with analytical data, which helps us to improve the site further. Whilst we do not by intent provide any personal data to third-party web-service operators, given the nature of their presence within the mechanism it is feasible that they could infer some data relating to you – potentially including personal data.

Some facets of the above process utilise cookies and similar technologies, which place pieces of data on your computer or device. This can persistently identify your device upon its return to our site. It is important to emphasise that no personal information is stored in or retrieved from our cookie files. Our cookie policy does not grant us access to any other information on our visitors' computers or devices.

The website offers a cookie-control suite, through which you may set your desired cookie preferences within a dedicated interface. Additionally, most website-access technology empowers you to more globally prevent the transfer of cookies and similar technologies. If you intend to adjust your browser settings to prohibit the storage of cookies on your computer or device, kindly refer to the documentation for your internet program. It is important to note that disabling cookies may impair the functionality of certain services on our website.

Any changes to our Privacy Policy in the future will be updated via the website. Please check from time to time to see any updates or changes.

We welcome any enquiries, comments, and requests related to our Privacy Policy. Please address any such communication by contacting us via our contact page.