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Car representing the history of number plates
A Brief History of Number Plates

Discover the fascinating evolution of number plates - from early 20th-century beginnings to today's systems. Explore the plate's trip through technology, regulation, and personal expression.

Steering wheel representing article on number plate formats
Number Plate Formats

This trip through time takes us back over a century to the beginning of the number plate's long journey, and looks in detail at how the UK registration format has changed. Lots to see on the way...

Doctor representing DR number plates
"DR" Number Plates...

Are you a doctor? Search for a plate that includes "DR" and your name...

Kissing couple
"KISS" Number Plates...

You're not a fully-qualified flirt until you have a "KISS"-prefixed number plate...

Boss's car
"BOSS" Number Plates...

If you're the boss, search your identifier here, and find plates with a "BOSS" prefix...

Traffic to represent name-inclusive number plates
Name-Inclusive Number Plates

A look at incorporating names into registration plates. Our guide covers the concept of subbing digits in for numbers, combining names with prefixes, etc.

Car interior representing number plate ideas
Number Plate Ideas

From planning your search, to the tricks that seasoned plate-hunters use to identify a good catch, our Number Plate Ideas article is full of insider knowledge from NetPlates experts.

Car representing new or current style number plates
New / Current Style Number Plates

The appeal of Current-Style number plates is often understated, but there's a lot you can do with them in terms of personalisation...

How do I buy a plate?


Use the search box at the top of the page to search for your name, your initials, your car - anything you wish! We have millions of plates to choose from.

Check suitability

Registrations have age identifiers tied to release dates. DVLA prohibits using younger-looking registrations on vehicles; older ones can be transferred to newer ones.


Configure your options, and pay online by debit or credit card. You can then choose to receive the certificate, or for us to assign the registration straight to your vehicle.

Fit your plate

If you bought physical plates, use the screws or sticky pads (available with your purchase) to fit your new plate.

How do I sell a plate?


Fill out our online form with the details of your plate, and what you're hoping to get for it.


We'll begin advertising on your behalf, and contact you with any offers put forward.


If you decide to go ahead with the sale, you'll need to send your documents to us by post.

Get paid

We'll forward your documents to the DVLA to be processed, and once we get them back you'll receive payment.