Football Related Plates 

Please select the Football team badge that relates to the team you support and that you wish to obtain a personalised number plate for, you will be directed to a current selection of football related registration marks relating to your team.

All current Football Leagues are available.

If you cannot find the personalised DVLA private number plate here that you are seeking for your vehicle, enter the combination in our general search box and see what number plates are available that may suit your vehicle.

The above emblems are registered trademarks of their respective owners. is in no way affiliated to any of the football teams. The use of the respective football badge is solely for the purposes of describing the related goods/services being offered in finding suitable plates for the owners of each of the respective prestigious car registration marks.

Examples of the type of Football related plates we have are:

For Aston Villa Supporters 487 VFC only £1150

For Liverpool Supporters 3 LFC only £16500

For Arsenal supporters R42 AFC only £730

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